About Us

K.C. Pond carries a complete line of pond supplies and equipment from manufacturers such as Pondmax, Easy Pro, Hikari, Sera, Atlantic, Pond Master and many more. We carry a large inventory of 40-45 mil liner for any size pond project. We are the only supplier of Poly Flo filter material in several grades of filtering capacity that can be cut to fit any size filter or skimmer. We also carry a full line of products for maintaining water quality and for disease prevention and control. In addition to our own brand of sludge and sediment pillows and tablets we also carry products from Aquascience, MicrobeLift, Pond Perfect, Koi Kare Kennel and many others.

PRICING: The cost of a consultation/visit is based on location of customer within the Kansas City Metro area. Pricing will be higher for outlying areas and will be determined at the time of scheduling.

These house calls are scheduled as needed, depending on the availability of the staff. Visits include UP TO 1 HOUR of consultation with customer to assess their concerns and include NO SERVICE OR LABOR charges. Any maintenance or repair that is needed will be scheduled at a later date at the normal rates for pond service.

Any service or repair that is done at the time of visit will be billed at $80.00 per man hour with a 1 hour minimum charge and does not include supplies needed which will be billed separately. Cost of service and labor and supplies will be added to the price of the consultation call and full payment is expected at the conclusion of call. We accept personal checks with proper ID or credit cards charged on site.

Pond cleaning is available throughout the season starting in March, depending on weather conditions. Cleaning services are scheduled separately though an independent party. Call the store for their contact information All rates for pond cleanings are based on work requested and length of time and difficulty of cleaning. As each pond is different and each presents its own challenges, the estimates for each job will vary greatly.