Fish and Pond Supplies for all your fish care needs!

  1. Pond & Water Gardens

    K.C. Pond is the metro’s ONLY DEDICATED pond retailer carrying the area’s largest selection of pond and water gardening products for the pond enthusiast. Our experienced employees have wide ranging expertise in pond filtration equipment, fish health and disease control and prevention, aquatic plant selection and care along with all the other facets of pond care and design.

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  2. Domestic and Imported Koi, Goldfish, & more!

    Kansas City Pond carries a large selection of domestic and imported koi from the best suppliers in the United States and overseas from Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and other locations around the Pacific Rim.

    For the experienced koi shopper looking for “just the right fish", we offer high quality imported Japanese koi from several well-known breeders in Japan. We find Japanese koi to be the most skillfully nurtured and cared for. They are packed expertly for overseas shipping and they arrive calm and healthy. Though they are more expensive than their domestic counterpart, customers are rewarded with a vibrant, healthy fish that displays beautifully in their pond and will reward them with many years of long, healthy life. For those seeking a very specific koi type and for whom money is a secondary concern, we can find what you want at the weekly Japanese “auction” house. You can call or come in for more details.

    We carry a large selection of ' Decorative' grade koi, still with very good quality and color varieties for those customers who are happy with a healthy colorful fish but not so concerned with the intricate color and patterns the more expensive import koi have. These are a very good choice for more budget conscience shoppers. For others we carry “choice” grade koi, with better colors and pattern definition reared in the United States. We carry both straight fin and butterfly varieties.

    Our koi are ready to go to their new home generally within 3 or 4 days after arrival from our suppliers. We have the ability to pack fish for long trips with professional grade materials and pure oxygen. We have been handling live fishes for over 40 years and are well versed in catching and packaging.

    With over 50 years combined experience in fish and aquatic husbandry our livestock is handled properly and carefully ensuring you purchase the best quality fishes. Our fish are quarantined after arrival to insure good health and vitality. We feed as soon as possible with our own house brand of high protein pellets and we keep feeding them several times a day to insure good health and temperment.


    Kansas City Pond carries a large selection of domestic and imported goldfish for the pond or water garden. We carry Comets, Shubunkins, Sarassa, Wakin and other common pond varieties.

    For the aquarium hobbyist, we carry large Orandas, Ryukins, Fantails, Lionheads, Bubble Eyes and many more. We import directly from China, one of the major breeders of fancy goldfishes and from Malaysia and other areas in Asia. Our inventory varies weekly and you are welcome to call or email for availability or visit our Facebook page for weekly updates.

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  3. Let us care for your pond using our professional experience and equipment. All Seasons and Vacation.